Mother & Child Education Center

Connecting, Educating, & Supporting

Parents During Pregnancy & Early Infancy

Business Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 10am-**5pm

Fridays: 10am-3pm

Saturdays: 10am-**1pm

Sundays: Closed

NEW Donation Hours:

Tuesday: 10am-5pm

*Wednesday: 10am-5pm

*Saturday: 10am-1pm

or By Appointment

Please view our donation page or call 503-249-5801 for current donation needs.

*We strongly encourage donors to give on days outside of our Client Care Days, which occur the Second Saturday of each month, and the Wednesday that follows.

**Closed the second Saturday of each month and the following Wednesday for Client Care Day. 

Give Us a Call at (503) 249-5801 orEspanol: (503) 913-9360 texto (respuesta más rápida) o llame al.

1515 NE 41st Ave Portland, OR 97232

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